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Benchmark, measure outcomes and scale up

The working paradigm has shifted. Businesses and their people must work together in the pursuit of the same goal, betterment. It starts with accountability.

As a coach it’s often a challenge to track progress of your clients empirically. Coaches partner with yppah in a couple of ways;


  1. By using our platform to capture, analyse and report client data

  2. To gain yppah coaching accreditation


By being part of the yppah platform coaches have the ability to measure well-being at scale while providing accuracy and depth of insight. This means every session is more targeted, progress measured and business relationships strengthened.

We have a global network of coaches in the following areas;


  • Well-being

  • Leadership development

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Resilience

  • Mental Health

  • Financial Health

  • Peak performance

Image by Cayley Nossiter

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