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We are the check-in for your well-being

Live your best life by understanding yourself better and being more yppah.

The path to achieve this is through personal growth. Understanding why we feel a certain way, react differently in certain situations or simply have a desire to live better, without personal limitations, determines how yppah we are.

yppah exists to help you navigate life positively, with a greater sense of control and contentment.

Know what makes you tick.

Humanity is facing an existential crisis; the way we work and live. Measure its impact and learn how to improve.


Work and home life
boundaries are blurred.

Individual and business success are inextricably linked. Identify how you both can win.


We have to work together.

The power to effect positive change is a two way street. We must both offer and accept help.

Image by Tim Mossholder

The stoic philosophy of Epictetus:

Life as a slave was full of suffering and uncertainty, with a constant threat of violence, execution or mistreatment. Despite this, Epictetus believed that a person could still live a good life regardless of their situation, it is all down to how we manage our thoughts and how we view the world. His own method of remaining resilient involved constant reminders of what was within his control and what was not.

Curious to find out more about yourself?

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