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"Digital Health"

Health & Wellbeing associated with our digital lives & how that impacts us mentally, emotionally & physically!

During the pandemic, we have seen a sharp rise of over 300% increase in cyber attacks with criminals taking advantage of vulnerabilities. These attacks have not only led to a rise in mental health related issues, business losses and burnout amongst employees and general public alike whilst costing over £3billion in damages.

So what can we do ?


First & foremost, stop and take check of your mental health! By using our Yppah Wellbeing Tool, you can see how you are doing and if you are overworked or fatigued. In order to break free from feeling low & fatigued follow the actions from the Yppah Results or speak to us directly for additional 1-2-1 support.

To make your digital life a safer place, download Avast One, your personal online guardian, to help you safeguard your privacy, connect securely, avoid scams and speed up your devices!

Start Your Digital Wellbeing Journey Today!

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